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BetterWay Auto Specials for the Hamilton and Stoney Creek Area

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What can be better than finding an amazing deal on a car you love? And one of the best deals out there is getting your hands on a 'like-new' used car - a car that's only seen a couple of years on the road and is well-maintained.

Some used car deals at Betterway include low-interest rate car loans on popular automotive brands. We also offer certified pre-owned deals and used cars for sale under $10K that go over and above the usual financing offers to make the vehicle purchase even easier for you. There are also deals that may include cars that were traded in or returned when their lease came to an end.

At Betterway Auto Sales, not only we offer great prices on used car, but also make sure that the car looks and drives like a brand new one! Keep an eye out for our upcoming car sale promotions if you're on a look out for an amazing vehicle at an amazing price!

Car Service Specials in the Hamilton Area

Our extensive car service and maintenance packages protect your vehicle against both; slippery road conditions in winters and roads full of pot-holes in the summer! Come visit us at Betterway Auto Sales' Car Service Center for your seasonal tune-up and service to make sure your car stays in great shape through changing temperatures and driving conditions. We always have some of the best car maintenance deals and promotions on offer! You can take advantage of our service offers and avoid any costly breakdowns in the long run!

We offer the following car maintenance services:

We offer the following car maintenance services:

  • Oil change and oil filter replacement.
  • Lube chassis
  • Inspect charging and starting systems.
  • Tires rotation and air pressure adjustment
  • Inspect and top up engine fluids
  • Check brakes and suspension.
  • Inspect all exterior lights, wiper blades, belts and hoses.
  • Test block heater.
  • Test engine coolant and inspect for leaks.
  • And more..

If you don't see an offer listed here, don't hesitate to call over service center @ 1-888-314-2311 and ask about one!

At Betterway Car Loans and Auto Finance, we approve loans when the banks don't!Get best rates on used car leans in Stoney Creek
If you're having trouble getting your car loan approved, you no longer have to worry about it! Betterway Auto Loans have you covered! We offer solutions for nearly every credit situation. We have an expert team of credit specialists who will will help you get behind the wheel with affordable auto loans with the help financing tools at their disposal.

We have created our own finance company for one reason: To make buying a used car Easy and Hassle-free for You! So, if you can't find a bank to approve your auto loan request for any reason, you can always come to us and we will finance your car regardless of your credit situation. Betterway Auto Loans offer you credit even when you don't have a great credit score. This also gives our customers with bad credit a chance to rebuild their credit and repair it to a point where they can refinance into more favourable loan terms.

So, what are you waiting for?! Pick up your phone and give us a call today! And get approved Today!