Get Ready for Fall with Seasonal Maintenance from Betterway Sales & Leasing

Every change of season involves transition in Stoney Creek. When the fall season starts, you might find yourself putting your shorts away and pulling out more sweatshirts, or taking the air conditioner out of the window in your house or apartment. Likewise, your vehicle can be affected by the changing seasons. Get ready for fall with seasonal maintenance from the Betterway Sales & Leasing Service Centre!

It's always good to give your engine a fresh start every season. How do you do that? By having your oil and filter changed. Not only will it clean dirt and debris from your engine, but it'll also give your fuel efficiency a boost.

The summer heat can do a number on your battery. Why? Extreme heat accelerates fluid loss and oxidation inside your battery. Now that summer is on its way out, have your battery tested to make sure it's strong enough for the fall.

It's always a good idea to have your brakes inspected, because you never know what will jump out into the road in front of you. If needed, have your brake pads and rotors replaced. You can read more about brake service and repair in one of our previous blog posts.

Schedule your service appointment online, and check out our current selection of service specials. Make sure you're ready for fall with seasonal maintenance!

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