Tire Tread's importance

Tires are a very important aspect of your car, in all ways. Tire tread specifically, is tremendously important in ensuring your safety on the road. Tire tread is what allows water or snow on the road to pass under your tires, and without proper tread, you may lose traction on the road.

Tires should have a tread no less than 2/32 of an inch. An old trick on checking this is using a penny. Insert a penny into your tire tread, if the top of Lincoln's whole head is visible, then the tread is too low. Tires with low treads should be changed. If you are unsure about the tread levels on your tires, it is recommended to have them checked by a professional. If they are perceived as too low, you should contact your car dealership about purchasing a new set. Although tires are an investment, they are necessary for safety.
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