How to know it's time to replace your brake Pads

If you are ever driving through Stoney Creek, and it feels as if your brake pedal is sort of mushy, as opposed to strong and solid, you might have a bit of a problem. If you ignore that particular symptom, you might be putting yourself and others in real danger.

There are a couple of reasons your brake pedal might be a little slushy and it's not good. There's a chance that you might be dealing with air being in the brake line. It's also possible you just have a regular old failure of the brake system. No matter what the cause, the problem is that you are going to need to have a brake pedal that doesn't feel quite so strange and mushy when you stomp on it.

?If this appears to be a problem that is persistent, you are going to want to go to Betterway Sales & Leasing in order to get it looked at.
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