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Best Used Sedans to Buy This Year

Best Used Sedans to Buy This Year

As SUVs continue to surge ahead in the sales rankings, other parts of the market can seem to be lagging behind, with fewer buyers and slower price increases. This is great news for drivers who prefer the sedan body format, with its greater style, better fuel economy, and more responsive handling.


More and more sedan bargains are making their way onto the pre-owned market, and 2020 is set to be a great time to buy. Which are the best used sedans to look out for?

Used Hyundai Elantra

1) Hyundai Elantra

The first thing that strikes you about the Hyundai Elantra is its sleek body shape that suggests a car from a much higher price bracket. Although coupe and hatchback versions are also available, it's the sedan that offers the best value on the used market.


With its powerful 2.0L engine pushing out 170+ horsepower, it has the performance to match its looks. Add in Hyundai's typically comfortable interior and you've got a second-owner sedan to reckon with.

Used Kia Forte

2) Kia Forte

Kia are known for offering up generously featured cars at an affordable price, and their Forte sedan continues in that fine tradition. With a sporty but subtly restrained body styling, the Forte excites the eye without going over the top. And with a wide variety of trims available, there's a powertrain and comfort combination to suit every budget.

Used Honda Civic Sedan

3) Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a sedan with staying power, entering its tenth generation in 2015. This best-selling longevity means there's plenty to choose from on the used market, but the relatively recent models offer particularly good value.


Pairing Honda's traditional values of reliability, safety, and affordability, the tenth generation Civic also adds in improved performance with a turbocharged engine option available. What's more, the interior features are more luxurious than you'd expect from the price, making this an all-round good value used sedan.

Used Nissan Altima

4) Nissan Altima

Completely revised and upgraded in 2013, the Nissan Altima is a spacious and comfortable sedan, equipped with interior technology and comforts which still stack up today. As a larger sedan it benefits from a hearty 2.5L engine pushing out 182 horsepower, or a more extravagant 3.5L V6 option that delivers excellent performance for a standard street sedan.


If you want a solid sedan with smooth handling and plenty of power in reserve, there's no need to look further than the Altima.

Used Toyota Corolla

5) Toyota Corolla

With a history stretching back over half a century, the Toyota Corolla is a sedan that's built up an incredible amount of prestige. But don't let the line's age fool you that it's an antique. The 11th generation launched in 2013 offered top-level features and proven performance contained within a sleek body shape.


Smooth to drive with responsive handling and creditable fuel consumption, the Corolla is a used sedan to seriously consider if you see a deal within your price range.


Sedans offer a timeless appeal and are still a firm favourite among Canadian drivers, whatever the current SUV crossover trend may be. If you're looking for the best-used sedans in 2020, these five models are a great place to start.

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