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Can't Find the Right Vehicle? Use CarFinder!

Can't Find the Right Vehicle? Use CarFinder!

We all know the used car search in Hamilton can be tough, frustrating, and can lead to many seemingly dead ends. When you can't find the right vehicle, what should you do? Use the CarFinder tool from Betterway Sales & Leasing! CarFinder makes it easier to find your dream car... because we'll do it for you!

How does CarFinder work? Three simple steps.

Step One: Tell us about your desired vehicle. You can be broad, like a pre-owned sedan under $10,000. Or, you can be picky, like a newer than 2012 pre-owned Ford Focus with fewer than 70,000 kilometers.

Step Two: Enter your contact info, so we know how to get in touch.

Step Three: Relax, because we'll take it from here. We'll show you all the vehicles in our used vehicle inventory that matches your criteria. And if we don't currently have it, we'll keep an eye out, and let you know when it does reach us.

Find the right vehicle by using our CarFinder tool today!

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