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DIY Car Service Hacks

DIY Car Service Hacks

Owning a car is a big responsibility. Often times the little things that go wrong can add up to a lot of expense. However, with these 20 car service hacks, you can save money by doing things yourself.

1. Plunge Out Those Minor Dents

If you have a small dent in your vehicle, don't pay thousands to get it fixed. Use a bathroom plunger and suction out the dent yourself!

2. Rust Removal Secret

Got rust? If you want to buff out that rust that's on a part of metal like your wheels, try using Coca-Cola. The acidic properties in the soda are also corrosive and have been known to eat away at the rust. So, go ahead and clean up that rust, then take a swig of Coke when you're done.

3. Brighten Your Windows

Put a little club soda in a spray bottle and you have a handy cleaner that is effective removing all the gunk from your windows.

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4. Make Your Paint Job Sparkle And Shine

Don't waste your money on fancy waxes and creams when you can find what you need in your bathroom -- you hair conditioner will make your paint job gleam!

5. Toothpaste Marvels

Toothpaste is more than for shining those pearly whites; you can use it to buff off all the grime and gunk from your headlights! These are often overlooked, but they do build up quite a bit of dirt over time.

6. Scratch Be-Gone!

Nothing is worse than getting a scratch in your vehicle, especially if you haven't had it long. No worries -- you can hide it with nail polish that matches your car.

7. Dashboard Gleam

Make your dashboard gleam without using all those costly chemicals. Instead, use something you probably have in your cupboard already -- Olive oil will do the trick!

8. Stop That Crack!

Trucks often toss or kick up a rock while on the highway, and sometimes they land right on your windshield cracking it! When this happens, you need to stop that crack fast until you can replace the windshield --Do so with clear nail polish.

9. Rig it With a Pringles Can

For a short-time fix, you can use a Pringles to replace a broken hose or pipe -- JUST long enough to get you to the mechanic. Make sure to use heavy-duty duct tape to secure it.

10. Hair Dryer Magic

Heat up those dents with the wonders of a hair dryer in action.

11. Clean the Engine

Stop problems BEFORE they begin by cleaning your engine regularly.

12. Ice Be Gone!

Don't let your door handles freeze. Simply use some hand sanitizer to eliminate the ice.

13. Timing Belt Repair

If your timing belt is causing problems, remove it and use pantyhose as a quick fix!

14. Bumper Sticker Removal

Ready to move on from those old bumper stickers? Put wet newspaper on it, let it soak for 10 minutes, then boom --It will come right off!

15. Give Wipers TLC

Keep your wipers warm and protected from the elements by covering them with a pair of socks.

16. Screwdriver Magic

Dirt, crumbs, and grime can get lodged in the crevices of the interior of your car. Use a screwdriver and remove them all away!

17. Nature's Bounty

Take advantage of nature in those freezing cold nights by parking facing the east. The rising sun will ensure your vehicle is less frozen in the morning when you have to leave for work.

18. Defrost in a Hurry

In a hurry to defrost those windows? Alternate between heat and air conditioning and watch how fast they'll defrost.

19. Paint Brush Your Vents

Using a paint brush on your car's air vents will remove all the dust and dirt accumulation.

20. Bug Be Gone

Get rid of stuck dead bugs on the front of your car by using a wet dryer sheet. Give it a scrub and "bug be gone!" Now that you have these 20 DIY car hacks, you can keep your vehicle looking great year round without spending a fortune. Stop by Better Way Auto Superstore when you're ready for your next vehicle!


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