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Don't be Fooled by Used Tires

Don't be Fooled by Used Tires

It's an easy sell for many auto shops, especially when you need a quick change of tires. You might think you're lucky coming across a pair or set of tires that fits your vehicle - if you're reading this blog, we're hoping it's a used model from our Stoney Creek, ON dealership - but that might not always be the case. Let us tell you why.

Tires are often built to work best as they're designed, and obviously the amount of wear and tear your tires get, they don't last as long as other parts of your car. Usual tire changes, and even replacing snow tires after a few winters, are highly recommended, and we understand the temptation to buy used ones to save some money.

But the savings you might find on the upfront cost might not be worth it, especially when it comes to keeping you and your passengers safe - not to mention others sharing the road with you. You see, there's a lot that can be wrong with old tires that you might not notice by taking a quick look.

If tires weren't properly inflated when on their last vehicle, that could lead to some internal damage not visible to the naked eye. Torn mounting beads could also be the cause of badly executed repairs or the simple removal from the wheel.

We here at Betterway Sales & Leasing want to make sure you stay safe in your car. Come give us a visit and check out our amazing service department.

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