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Hot Wheels Shows Us the Dark Side

Hot Wheels Shows Us the Dark Side

For all the fans of comics, movies, animation, and
so much more, the San Diego Comic-Con starts tomorrow but, for folks going to
the preview night tonight, there's something special in store. Whether you know
Star Wars inside and out or if you've never seen a minute of any of the movies,
there's a good chance you know who Darth Vader is and, thanks to Hot
, there's a Darth Vader Car being shown off today and it's


Designed after the villain's helmet, it's
unmistakable and as aggressive as you could ever hope. And the force is strong
in this one, as well; the LS3 V8 engine under the hood kicks out a wicked 526
horsepower to the back wheels and features a side-exit exhaust that's backlit
red in the style of Vader's red lightsaber. See it for



We have to admit we're a bit envious of those who
get to see it in person! If you're more interested in getting behind the wheel
of an affordable and stylish used
for yourself, make your way over to Betterway Sales
& Leasing in Stoney Creek, ON today and we'll see you
get behind the next car of your dreams.

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