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How to Keep Your Car’s Engine Clean

How to Keep Your Car’s Engine Clean

Our team here at Betterway Sales & Leasing in Stoney Creek, ON understand the importance of keeping your vehicle in proper working order. When it comes to keeping your engine clean, following these tips can help to make it as simple as washing your car's paint job.

Choosing the right day can help to make the cleaning easier. Warm weather and a light wind can help to dry the engine and other components faster. If you had your car running recently, you should make sure that the engine has had time to cool down.

You can use plastic bags to cover any of the electrical components in your car like the battery, wires, and the engine control unit. You should also disconnect the negative terminal from the battery to help protect the electronics as well. If the air intake is also exposed, you should cover it with a plastic bag as well to prevent water from entering.

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