The Importance of Labels in a Tailgating Event

When going on a tailgating event, one thing you are going to need is a set of labels. One of the reasons behind this is that this can make things a lot easier to find. It is also easier to get organized with labels.

One example of a label is one for a cooler that you are going to put beer in. Once you decide on the cooler you are going to use for beer in, then you can use a label for beer. If there are going to be children in the tailgating party, then you might want to…

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Why Buy A Hatchback?

Have you ever been busy running around town and basically had to stuff your trunk full of items? Maybe you have your kid's sporting equipment in the trunk. Then you add on grocery bags, shopping bags, packages and much more. Before you know it, you have no idea what is in the very back of your vehicle. If you lead a busy lifestyle and need great cargo space with practical access, think about purchasing or leasing a vehicle with a hatchback. Not only do you get a ton of room with a hatchback, but a hatchback vehicle also provides…
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Back-to-School Service Time for Your Car

You undoubtedly have a long list of tasks to get done in anticipation of your children going back to school. On that list should be scheduling seasonal service for your car.

Seasonal service is vital when it comes to keeping your care in optimal condition. Seasonal service ensures that everything from your engine to your tires are performing at their peak.

When it a car is performing at its peak, it is a safer running vehicle. You obviously want to be certain that your car is the safest condition as possible, particularly when you will be hauling your children to…

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A Look at an Auto Backup Camera

One of the dangerous maneuvers a motorist makes is backing up. When backing up a motorist runs the very real risk of colliding with another vehicle, an object, or even a pedestrian. A backup camera is a safety device that markedly reduces the risk of a collision of any type when backing up.

A back up camera, also known as a reversing camera, is mounted at the rear of a vehicle. When the car is put in reverse, a backup camera transmits video of what is behind the vehicle onto a screen located on the dashboard....

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It's Always Car Cover Season!

In our continued commitment to inform every driver who uses our site, we offer some important comments today about car covers.

The world needs more car covers. You probably did not expect to read that statement today, but it's true. We see enough automotive wear and tear at our dealership to know that, if you use a car cover on your beloved automobile, you will get a better return on its initial price. Consider the things that can damage your car, truck or SUV's exterior and interior. They include frozen precipitation, the Sun's rays, bird droppings and…

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What to Take with You When You Take Your Vehicle Off-Road

When you are heading out on an off-road adventure, you need to be prepared for all that is to come. Betterway Sales & Leasing wants to make sure that you know just what you should take with you so that you can stay safe and have a good experience.

Make sure that you have a full size spare tire when you when you head off-road. You never know when you might need this and you must have it at the ready. Another important item to have...

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Apple CarPlay Makes Navigating a Breeze

Apple CarPlay is one of the most popular features of newer cars for drivers who rely on their iPhones for navigation, music and calls. Your car must be compatible with Apple CarPlay, and you need to have a connected iPhone in order to view all of your phone's apps on your car's display.

As long as your vehicle is equipped with voice control, you can use Siri technology with Apple CarPlay to keep your hands on the steering wheel and text or call your contacts at the same time. Find your way to the nearest gas station or…

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Safety And Driving In The Rain

Your car is likely one of the most expensive investments that you have. When you're driving in the rain, there is a possibility of hydroplaning or someone else sliding on wet roads and hitting your vehicle. When you're driving in the rain, you need to use your windshield wipers and headlights at all times. If it's during the day, keeping your headlights on will make it easier for other drivers to see you.

Increase your following distance in the rain. It will usually take a few seconds longer to stop when the road is wet, so you…

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Spring Can Be a Great Time to Service Your Vehicle

Spring is here and is traditionally the season when we begin to think of spring cleaning. This is also a good time to perform a "spring cleaning' of your vehicle. Basic maintenance checks should be performed to get your vehicle up to speed for the summer and for any road trips that you may be planning.

First, check your owner's manual for the recommended schedules for tasks like changing the motor oil. Changing the oil and oil filter, flushing the radiator and replacing the coolant, checking the hoses, belts and chains, examining the tires, checking the brake pads and…

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Powertrain Warranty or Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty – You Decide What's Best

Most car dealerships offer their customers some type of warranty with the purchase of a new or used vehicle, but not all warranties are created equal. Two of the most common kinds of vehicle warranties are the Powertrain warranty and the Bumper-to-Bumper warranty. Each customer must decide what kind of vehicle warranty is best for them.

Powertrain Warranty

A powertrain warranty is just what the name implies. It covers items that provide power to the vehicle. Included among those items are the engine, transmission, drive shafts, and the differential.

Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

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