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It's Always Car Cover Season!

It's Always Car Cover Season!

In our continued commitment to inform every driver who uses our site, we offer some important comments today about car covers.

The world needs more car covers. You probably did not expect to read that statement today, but it's true. We see enough automotive wear and tear at our dealership to know that, if you use a car cover on your beloved automobile, you will get a better return on its initial price. Consider the things that can damage your car, truck or SUV's exterior and interior. They include frozen precipitation, the Sun's rays, bird droppings and other hazards. You can protect your vehicle by using a good car cover anytime you park for a few hours or more.

We can help you pick the right car cover from our inventory at Betterway Sales & Leasing. Visit us in Stoney Creek whenever you need automotive service or simply have a question about cars.



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