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Make Spring Cleaning Fun and Easy with These Quick Tips

Make Spring Cleaning Fun and Easy with These Quick Tips

While it may be spring, that doesn't mean that the
weather is warming it. Nor does it mean that we're warming up to the idea of
starting our spring cleaning. However, it's something we have to do! Who
doesn't want to cruise into the new season in a clean, shiny car? It doesn't
have to be a chore, folks, and we here at Betterway Sales & Leasing want to
make it quick and easy for you.


Say hello to Laruen Fix; she's called the car coach
and she certainly knows a thing or two about getting your vehicle in tip-top
shape. Take a look at the video below, write down a few notes, and go into your
spring cleaning with a new knowledge and confidence!



If you're in need of some parts or a little
repair or
as you head into spring, make our
Stoney Creek, ON location your next destination. While
you're here, check out the lineup of reliable and affordable used
in the lineup. We have something for just about
everyone, so peruse to your heart's content and find something amazing.

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