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Routine Suspension Maintenance

Routine Suspension Maintenance

Routine maintenance is a part of keeping up with a vehicle that you own. There are some minor issues that can be addressed now that will prevent you having to invest in a large and expensive repair later on down the road. If you are having problems with your suspension then there are a number of signs that you might be able to spot ahead of needing a big overhaul of your vehicle. Some of these signs can include:

  • A rough ride on a variety of road conditions. If you are on smooth pavement and notice that the ride feels much more bumpy than normal then you may want to consider a suspension issue.
  • Your tires will wear down at an uneven rate.
  • The air pressure in your tires will not wear down at an even rate.

Bring your vehicle in to Betterway Sales & Leasing if you suspect that there is a suspension issue going on.



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