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Sportier 2018 Toyota Camry Retains its Dependability

Sportier 2018 Toyota Camry Retains its Dependability

The Toyota Camry continues to be synonymous with reliability, even though the automaker continues to make the car more fun to drive. Anyone who’s driven this car knows how comfortable it is behind the wheel, but the 2018 model dials that up with an increased sense of driver engagement. But if you think that means it won’t be as dependable as before, think again!

Toyota recently released the power and efficiency figures for the latest Camry, and we’re pleased to see that the brand hasn’t gone with the same fuel-saving trends as competing models. While other automakers retain their fuel efficiency with turbochargers, continuously variable transmissions, and stop-start, all of the Camry’s engines are naturally-aspirated and mated to automatic gearboxes. This means less breakable components, and a longer lasting car. With 39 mpg highway from its four-cylinder and up to 52 mpg combined from the hybrid, it’s a winner.

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