Spring Can Be a Great Time to Service Your Vehicle


Spring Can Be a Great Time to Service Your Vehicle

Spring is here and is traditionally the season when we begin to think of spring cleaning. This is also a good time to perform a "spring cleaning' of your vehicle. Basic maintenance checks should be performed to get your vehicle up to speed for the summer and for any road trips that you may be planning.

First, check your owner's manual for the recommended schedules for tasks like changing the motor oil. Changing the oil and oil filter, flushing the radiator and replacing the coolant, checking the hoses, belts and chains, examining the tires, checking the brake pads and replacing burnt bulbs and worn windshield wipers are all jobs that should be done periodically.

When you have decided it is time to perform these maintenance tasks, bring your vehicle in to Betterway Sales & Leasing in Stoney Creek for any jobs that may require a professional. We will be happy to provide these services for your vehicle.



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