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Super Bowl Brings Car Commercial Memories

Super Bowl Brings Car Commercial Memories


The year was 1997. The New
England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers were in Super Bowl XXXI. We watched,
because well, across the world, everyone watches, even if the Grey Cup was
already decided and we cared slightly more about that at Betterway Sales &
Leasing, but, somehow, this commercial made it onto the grand stage.

It's a commercial for the Nissan Maxima, featuring
pigeons and all your 90s tropes. Silly animation, Top Gun
music, and birds doing what they do best on cars. Or, at least trying. This
Maxima was too elusive. It's funny looking back on it, because it really shows
how far we've come on a variety of fronts.

Hopefully this year will produce some classics, or
interesting ones we can look back on 12 years later and have a good

Until then, if you're in the market for a
, stop in and see us here in our Stoney Creek,
showroom today.

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