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Tips for Properly Applying Touch Up Paint

Tips for Properly Applying Touch Up Paint

Over time, chips in your automobile's painted surface may develop. To keep your vehicle looking as good as possible, our service technicians at Better Way Auto Superstore are offering a few tips about the proper application of touch up paint for optimal results.

Start by finding an exact match of paint on your vehicle's ID tag. Always do a test patch before tackling your main project. After washing and drying your car, use #200 sandpaper to smooth over the damaged area, applying rubbing compound to get an even work surface.

Using a small brush and a steady hand, apply touch up paint and allow to thoroughly dry before adding one or two more coats. Use a #600 sandpaper to sand the newly painted area until it's flush with the surrounding area, then apply a coat of wax. Visit our service department to purchase touch up paint and to schedule other services.



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