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What’s That Smell?

What’s That Smell?

There are many odors you can detect in your car. Most are self-inflicted. Some odors come from outside, like the smell of new pavement or grass fire. Odors are an early warning system that something is different. When you smell gas fumes, then you know that “something” is in your exhaust system.

Your exhaust system is pressurized. If there is a leak, gases will seek that leak and collect in places that are dangerous to you. These gases are detrimental to your health. Exhaust leaks do not go away; they get larger as gases travel through them. The longer you wait to repair the leak, the more dangerous it is to you and your passengers. Exhaust leaks have the propensity to be deadly as the gases rob you of oxygen.

If you notice fume odors in your cabin, get your vehicle to Betterway Sales & Leasing in Stoney Creek right away for repair.

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