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What the Tire Pressure Light Means

What the Tire Pressure Light Means

Many vehicles have tire pressure monitoring systems. As you’re driving around Stoney Creek, ON, you may see the light illuminate on your dash. This is when it’s important to know what it could mean. At Betterway Sales & Leasing, we’re here to let you know it could be a few different things.

The light will often tell you that there is something wrong with the pressure. There could be too much air, which could result in a blowout. There could also not be enough air, making it hard to get a good grip on the road.

If you put air in the tire and the light goes away, it may be that you just needed a touchup on air. However, if the light comes on again, it might be time to have your tires inspected. There may be a small hole or there may be a problem with the tire pressure monitoring sensor.

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