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When Should You Use Sand, Salt, and Kitty Litter?

When Should You Use Sand, Salt, and Kitty Litter?

Driving through winter weather isn’t always easy. During the colder months in North America, high winds, thick blankets of snow, liquid water on roadways and walkways that refreezes into ice, typically more slippery than the first freeze, causing hydroplaning, people falling, and loads of other vehicles having troubles, too.

Salt should be spread across all pavement or asphalt you frequent – driveway, sidewalks in front of home – to prevent ice from taking hold. Don’t use it to gain traction in tough spots; it’ll just melt. You can, however, use sand for traction, including the driveway of your home, work, or anywhere else in question. It doesn’t become slippery, like kitty litter, which is ideal in virtually all situations, ever.

Also, you shouldn’t consider buying kitty litter if you need something to block the spread and creation of ice on your pavement-covered areas. It will mush and become slick.

Check with us at Betterway Sales & Leasing prior to making any big vehicular decisions this winter. We know what you need.

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