Why Buy a Certified Used Car

Why Buy a Certified Used Car

There are very good reasons to buy both brand-new and used cars. New cars offer reliability, the latest features, and the security of a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty. Used cars come at a much lower price, but there's a much greater risk of needing to make expensive repairs during your ownership.


However, there's a third type of car purchase that's not as widely known, and it offers the benefits of both new and used. Certified used cars, also known as certified pre-owned or CPO, are a type of used car which have a guaranteed level of quality and reliability, without the premium price tag of a factory-new vehicle.

Used Kia Sportage

Certified Used Car Features

There are two main types of certified used car. First, they can be certified by the original manufacturer and sold through their approved dealership network. The second type is certified by an individual dealer.


But whichever certification type is used, the cars chosen for selling under it are in the top tier of used vehicles offered at a dealership. The exact details of a certification system vary from dealer to dealer and manufacturer to manufacturer, but the cars they include have several advantages in common.


- They're often ex-lease cars, or ones with a similar known background of careful use.

- The car will be relatively young, with an upper age limit of three to four years the usual rule.

- They'll be in excellent overall condition, with low mileage and a full servicing history.


Once a car meets these criteria, it will be put through a rigorous inspection by a highly qualified mechanic. Every aspect of the car's hardware will be evaluated, and serviced or repaired if necessary. Cars that don't pass this inspection will be rejected for certified status and sold as regular used.


Once the vehicle has a clean bill of health, it's given a thorough recondition to bring both interior and exterior into factory-fresh condition. Finally, a new warranty will be issued if the original manufacturer's one is expired or running out soon.

Used Nissan Altima

Certified Used Cars Pricing

Compered to new vehicles direct from the factory, certified used cars offer considerable savings while still providing much of the same quality. It's true that certified used are more costly than a regular pre-owned vehicle. However, you're paying for the assurance of quality and reliability given by the inspection process.


In effect, you're paying for repairs and maintenance upfront, rather than risk being hit with a heavy bill soon after driving an ordinary used car off the lot. You'll also enjoy the comfort of a car that's been polished up into as-new condition.


And finally, you'll also have a much better warranty to fall back on, which often includes added benefits such as free roadside assistance as part of the deal.


Ready to Buy a Certified Used Vehicle?

If you're planning on replacing your car, you don't need to choose between the comfort and reliability of a brand-new vehicle or the affordability of pre-owned. Certified used cars offer the best points of both, and make a great choice for the smart buyer. Contact us to test drive any of our certified pre-owned vehicles for sale here at Betterway Sales & Leasing.

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