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Why Your Vehicle Needs Brake Fluid

Why Your Vehicle Needs Brake Fluid

One of the most important and safest things you can do for your car is keeping with the brake fluid. Without it, your car or truck would not stop. When you push your brake pedal, the fluid delivers force to your rotors that starts the process of stopping your car. When we at Betterway Sales & Leasing say brake fluid is vital to you and your car's health, we mean business.

Brake fluid rests inside your brake lines until you push down on your brake pedal. Once you press the pedal, the fluid starts to flow to the four corners of the braking system. When the fluid arrives, the rotors will squeeze the brake pads and start to slow down your wheel's rotation until your vehicle ultimately stops. If your car is low on brake fluid, your brake pedal will feel mushy, and it will take more time to stop your vehicle.

If you want to safely stop your car when you are driving around Stoney Creek, schedule an appointment to have your brakes serviced today.

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