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  • Chris MacKinnon

  • Karen MacKinnon

  • Darren O'Brien -Sales
    Sales Manager

    I started at BetterWay 10 years ago.

    I've always had a passion for meeting new people and helping them solve their current this case, purchasing a vehicle. I've had the privilege to work along the side of great people and great customers.

    I truly believe in helping people and helping them make an educated decision. Our staff prides themselves on being a full discloser, non pressure dealer.

    Lots of sales people out there don't care about their customer... All they want to do is make a quick buck. At BetterWay we look at this as the beginning of a new relationship, all we ask for is the opportunity to show you our wow factor. (something that lacks in everyday business's these days) 


    Bought a Dodge Ram through Darren O'Brien. Experience was great every step of the way. From test drive to adding accessories, Darren O'Brien was friendly and helpful. No pressure at any time. Easy process start to finish. I got the truck I wanted with the accessories I needed. ☺☺☺☺☺

    Kyle M


    I bought my first car from Betterway, I was trying to hunt down the perfect car without the dealership hassle. Its hard enough trying to make the right decision, and I didn't want to be on the defense with a dealer who was constantly shoving unnecessary upgrades and such down my throat. Just when i had given up I received a text from a family member to try there. SO that day I headed down there and it was just so refreshing to go into a place that makes you feel right at home. Darren O'Brien greeted me warmly at the door making me feel right at home. He began asking all sorts of questions to find out what car was better suited for me, what my budget was, and explained all the options available to me that Betterway offered. He answered every one of my questions to the best of his ability while never once making me feel like any of my questions was a stupid question. They were so amazing that I sent 3 other people to Betterway to talk to Darren O'Brien and his sales team about a car ! ☺☺☺☺☺

    Christina S


  • Tony Burgio -Sales
    Assistant Sales Manager and Sales Representative

  • Mike Kaulback -Sales
    Sales Representative

    With just over thirty years selling vehicles, I have been with BetterWay Auto Sales approximately one and a half years.

     I must say, my referrals have never been better - proof that we create results! 

    I have a passion for meeting people and as a father of three children, have found great success in meeting the specific needs of families in the automotive market. 

    I am 100% dedicated to putting my customers (you) in the right vehicle, at the right price. Prove my point by allowing yourself the opportunity to put me up to this challenge. My success is based on my results. 

    Mike K

  • Robert Hunt - Sales
    Sales Representative

  • Richard dela Rosa-Sales
    Sales Representative

  • Mark Templain
    Business Manager

  • Robin Heffernan
    Sub-Prime Finance Manager


  • Vishal Singh
    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Hector Guzman- detailer

    Hector has been in the auto industry for 20 years and has perfected the art of bringing a vehicle to life!.
    For an appointment please call 905-664-7684

  • Josh Maracle
    Automotive Technician

  • Bradly McCarten
    Automotive Technician

  • Suzanne Dinning
    Office Manager

  • Natalie Dinning
    Office assistant