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BetterWay Auto Specials for the Hamilton and Stoney Creek Area


Don't Pay For 90 Days!

What can be better than finding an amazing deal on a car you love? And one of the best deals out there is getting your hands on a 'like-new' used car - a car that's only seen a couple of years on the road and is well-maintained.


Some used car deals at Betterway include low-interest rate car loans on popular automotive brands. We also offer certified pre-owned deals and used cars for sale under $10K that go over and above the usual financing offers to make the vehicle purchase even easier for you. There are also deals that may include cars that were traded in or returned when their lease came to an end.

At Betterway Auto Sales, not only we offer great prices on used car, but also make sure that the car looks and drives like a brand new one! Keep an eye out for our upcoming car sale promotions if you're on a look out for an amazing vehicle at an amazing price!